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The Real Hickory Podcast

Dec 16, 2018

This week Mike talks about where the Catawba Valley real estate market stands and his outlook for 2019. The discussion is based on an article written on the company blog last week. If you would like to check out the article you can click here

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The Real Hickory Podcast is hosted by Mike Kelly Jr....

Dec 1, 2018

This week Mike discusses the process of getting into the real estate business in NC and also shares advice on whether this business is right for you. It is a pretty quick listen so try and share it with someone that might be thinking about getting into the real estate business. 


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The Real Hickory...

Nov 26, 2018

Just some quick notes from Mike about the local real estate market, some discussion about the local economy, and also a quick tip for sellers. Hopefully everyone enjoys the episode. 

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The Real Hickory Podcast is hosted by Mike Kelly Jr. President of Hickory Real Estate Group Inc. The opinions and...

Nov 5, 2018

This is our first episode of the Real Hickory Podcast. Back in late August Mike was interviewed by Hal Row on WHKY and we thought that this would make a good first episode. 

Mike and Hal talk about the local Hickory real estate market and Mike gives some tips and tricks on selling a home.


The Real Hickory Podcast is...