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The Real Hickory Podcast

Jan 26, 2019

This weeks show featured Tim Kerley with Atlantic Bay Mortgage (NMLS #448270).  Tim discussed the different types of home loans loans available to consumers and gave a lot of really good information for first time buyers and those who have not bought a house in awhile. Tim can be reached at


Jan 20, 2019

Today Mike talks with Karen Tonks of Time Genies Concierge and Errand Service based in Hickory NC. She helps people get their homes and offices cleaned and organized as well as a multitude of other tasks.  For more information on Karen visit her website at or call her at 213 444-3643. 



Jan 12, 2019

Mike welcomes his first guest Ben Holden to the podcast today. They discuss the home inspection process for buyers and sellers and a couple semi-funny stories along the way. 

To reach out to Ben about having him do an inspection for you you can call him at 980-429-6264 or go to his website at